Posts and beams can range in size from 125mm x 125mm up to 400mm x 400mm. Lengths are generally 2.1 meters to 9 meters, but we can supply beams up to 12 meters in length.


Our posts and beams are available as:


  • Recycled "As Is" - Left Natural;
  • Recycled "Rustic" - Wire Brushed;
  • Recycled "Clean" - Dressed all Round (DAR);
  • New "R/S" - Rough Sawn (R/S);
  • New "DAR" - Dressed all Round (DAR);
  • Please Note: New species available in Ironbark, Spotted Gum & Tallowwood;
  • We also have an extensive range of very high quality recycled Oregon beams in excess of 10 meters in length and up to 375mm wide;