Choose your desired look ranging from virtually clean right up to heavily aged, we offer a contemporary finish, which is finely dressed and sanded, right through to a rustic finish, which is wire brushed.


We use wide board laminations ranging from 130mm up to 200mm wide, however we are able to use boards up to 420mm wide. Standard thicknesses are generally 30mm, 40mm and 60mm finish, however we can fabricate most other thicknesses up to 90mm. We have produced laminated tops up to 13.5 metres long (no butt joins), however length options depend on the preferred species and mitres can be pre-cut and lose fitted with biscuits and mitre clamps ready for onsite installation. Waterfall edges can be supplied lose or glued and finished.


Most orders are supplied fine sanded ready for coating / polishing, however we are able to provide a wide range of finishes including 2 pack. We also produce a wide range of furniture and cabinetry / joinery items to order.


Our Benchtops and Furniture are produced from a wide variety of recycled species taking advantage of the highly seasoned and stable timber.